SLIC Publications

Zephyr and Notos

Zephyr: The Newsletter of SLIC

Members of SLIC receive Zephyr, the quarterly newsletter of the SLIC. Zephyr's contents include information about council activities, news from the council's Special Interest Groups (SIGs), announcements of upcoming professional development activities, bursaries and scholarships as well as short articles submitted by members of the council.

SLIC members are encouraged to contribute to Zephyr. For information about the publication schedule and deadlines please contact the editor, Jessie Krefting at

Zephyr is only available to members of the Second Languages and Intercultural Council. 
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Notos: The Journal of SLIC

Notos is the official journal of the Second Languages and Intercultural Council.

Notos is a peer reviewed scholarly journal that links the academy with the classroom. The contents include an eclectic range of conventional articles, reviews and creative writing. 
In keeping with the mandate of the Council, articles appear in several languages.

Notos is only available to members of the Second Languages and Intercultural Council. Please log-in to see available copies.

Call for Submissions

The Second Languages Intercultural Council publishes the academic journal entitled Notos. The goal of the Notos journal is to disseminate information about existing practices, programs, and resources in second languages and intercultural education. The publication also serves to enable Alberta teachers to become more aware of the issues and to gain knowledge, skills, and understanding in the areas of culture and second languages. 

To this end, a call for submissions is required in order to publish the next issue of Notos. If you have an unpublished article that fits the goals of this journal, please consider sending it to the editor for consideration. Articles will be peer reviewed. 

To submit your article for consideration, please send it to Dr. Megan Sénéchal at

Notos, in classical mythology was the personification of the South Wind.