Joining a Special Interest Group

SIGs, The Heart of the SLIC

The Second Languages and Intercultural Council is a Council of Councils!

To accommodate the diversity of interests within the Council, members are invited to join one or more Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Most Special Interest Groups are organized around languages. However, the Council also has a SIG devoted to intercultural education and another in under development for university faculty.

When joining the Council, teachers are invited to join one or more special interest groups or SIGs. Each SIG elects its own leadership and organizes its own activities with support from the Council. SIGs may choose to charge their members a nominal membership fee to cover administrative expenses.

For more information about SIGs or to join a SIG, visit the webpage provided for each SIG on this site. You may also print off, complete and submit by FAX or mail the SLIC SIG Membership Form.pdf