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ATA Participates on Japanese Language Consortium

The Table Officers of the Alberta Teachers’ Association have named Corbin Musselman of the SLIC’s Japanese SIG for the 2010/2011 school year to serve on the Japanese Language Consortium.

The Consortium includes representatives of the province, independent business people, school districts, consular officials, and post-secondary institutions.

Links for Japanese Teachers

Ms. Ayumi Nagatomi, Japan Foundation Japanese Advisor, Japanese Language and Culture, who is currently working with Alberta Education has developed several services to provide teachers of Japanese with up to date information on events and opportunities. Ayumi may be contacted at her email ayumi.nagatomi@gov.ab.ca

Nihongo-Alberta Email-Group (NAEG)

The Nihongo-Alberta Email-Group (NAEG) is described by the AJTA as an “email list for those who are related to Japanese language teaching in Alberta, Canada to discuss Japanese language teaching, exchange information, share teaching ideas, ask questions and help each other.

When you have a question but you don’t know whom to ask, maybe somebody can help you. Maybe you have a great activity that worked so well in your class you want to share it with other teachers. Perhaps you have just found that there will be a great event for students of Japanese and you would like to pass the information on to everybody.

Once you join the list, all you have to do is to post a message to the list. Your message will be delivered to everybody on the list. Most of the time people respond to your message quickly. You can also share materials by uploading your material into the Files section. You can even share photos and pictures.”

Teachers can access the E-mail group by contacting the AJTA President Mr. Corbin Musselman at

AJTA Website

The AJTA has developed a website for Japanese Teachers to access teaching resources as well as information regarding Japanese language education in Alberta.  The link for this website is http://sites.google.com/site/albertajapaneseteachers/.


To facilitate resource sharing, the AJTA has created a Wiki for all teachers to share Japanese teaching ideas.  This Wiki can be accessed via the AJTA website listed above.

Skype Sawakai

Sawakai meetings take place online via Skype and are hosted by Ms. Ayumi Nagatomi .  During these meetings, special guests involved with Japanese education throughout North America are invited to chat with Japanese teachers about various topics.  Skype Sawakai is an excellent opportunity to communicate with other teachers in Japanese.  To participate, a Skype account is required.


Updated February 2011